Raised fist between the demons

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Therefore the attention is all gathered on them. Aside from these, another event that much attention is gathered on is the bet between Teacher Shen Xiu and Nie Li. The Strength Test Stone is a huge stone that emitted a metallic luster from it. Fighters can punch the Strength Test Stone with their full strength. The Strength Test Stone will dent to a certain degree from the punch.
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Raised Fist - Between The Demons lyrics

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Between The Demons Lyrics - Raised Fist

This does more damage and is easier to hit if you lock on to the enemy with R3. If you just tap O, you will hop backwards. Useful to dodge. If you hold a direction and tap O, you will roll in that direction. You can also change weapons or change between 1-handed and 2-handed mid air, then hit O and hold a direction, to go right back to running without the roll. Gives you a 1.
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"Between The Demons" lyrics

Abaddon, Sister Agnes and two other demons in 9. If carved into a bullet and shot into a demon, it will bind the demon to their meatsuit and make it impossible for them to move or escape. Additionally, if a demon is released inside a devil's trap in their smoke form, the smoke will be contained by the devil's trap which acts as an invisible barrier.
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The lead slugs ripping through her chest had hurt like a son of a bitch. Saving Joe at least gave her death some meaning. Now Taylor was in Hell, her pistol in hand and a wary eye turned toward the crimson sky.

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